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An unexpected call or letter from a debt collector can be quite unsettling. This is especially true when a debt collector starts to get aggressive and threatening, which happens often. Before we get into specifics about dealing with debt collectors, the most important thing

Verizon Collections – How to Get Rid of Them for Good

Most of you are probably reading this because you have a bill that’s gone into Verizon collections. The first thing you need to find out is if the collection has been reported on your credit report. If you haven’t already, pull a current copy

Do This Before Paying an Old Debt Collection

You’ve just received a letter from a debt collector demanding that you pay a debt that’s years old. Perhaps you don’t even remember the debt. What’s the best way to handle this situation? Why am I being contacted about an old debt? First let

Everything You Need to Know About Debt Collections

Let’s talk about debt collections. Many of the visitors to this blog ask me about collections. For example, what exactly is a collection, how do they affect your credit score, etc, etc. I want to dedicate an entire article to debt collections in order

Allowing A Collection Agency Access to Your Bank Account

Question I did not give a debt collector my bank account number, but I saw they tried collecting from my account. Is there any other way for them to get my account information, legally? Or should I pursue legal actions against them? Response There

Statute of Limitation On Medical Bills

Question A majority of my credit reporting issues are, unfortunately, alot of medical bills I’ve been unable to pay over time. Not sure how these are seen in terms of the statute of limitations, but I recently received a letter from the collection agency

Hospital Bill Payment Plan Sold To Debt Collector

Question I went to the hospital several years, and left with a a large bill that I was unable to pay in full. I set up a payment plan with the hospital to pay the account over time. I’ve paid the agreed $25 payment

Collection Agency’s Obligation to Remove a Paid Account

Question I have read on a couple of websites that asking a collection agency to delete an account once your willing to pay it in full does not mean that it will happen. How do you work around that once you’ve paid it off

Paying to Remove Collections on Credit Report

Question I have 7 collection accounts on my credit report, and I am willing to pay them off. But I really want them removed. what is the first step in doing this? Response You’re in a good position if you’re willing to pay them

Deal with original creditor or collection agency?

Question I’ve have charge offs on my credit report that are about 3 years old, would it be better to try and fix them with he original creditor or the collection agency ? Response Are they paid? If not, are you looking to pay